System Design Notes
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At SystemDesignNotes we level the playing field for all interviewees and present curated system design questions with in-depth and comprehensive explanations. You can browse the questions individually or follow our suggested tracks to prepare for your upcoming interviews. Additionally, the site offers rich technical content that will train and teach you in distributed systems, beyond the interview.

You can study the following system design interview questions, that we have covered in depth:

Why System Design Questions?

Turning binary trees upside down on a whiteboard is a cool skill set, however, it only gets one so far in one’s tech career. Usually, junior to mid-level software engineering positions require coding chops and as one interviews for senior positions, the candidate is expected to demonstrate proficiency in designing applications consisting of several loosely coupled subsystems that work in tandem to deliver a service catering to several million users. The complexity of these systems spans a spectrum with some as narrow in functionality as a cache and some as broad and wide in scope as an Uber or Twitter.

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