System Design Notes
Don’t forget to get your copy of Designing Data Intensive Applications the single most important book to read for system design interview prep!

The stakes are high and a lot of money is on the line. You can’t LeetCode your way into a L5/E5/Principal or higher position at one of the big tech companies paying thousands of dollars. If you are in Silicon Valley, an E5 vs an E6 offer at Facebook will arbitrate whether you make a down-payment on a 3 bed/ 3 bath or a 4 bed/4 bath. Outside of the Valley, you’ll enjoy tangible benefits and faster career growth with a higher-levelling offer. The new interview order requires that candidates now draw blocks and arrows on whiteboards, name-drop famous distributed applications, papers and references and meander and hand-wave their way through design of a highly complex and distributed service that took an army of software engineers to design and perfect but still requires 24/7 on-call all in a span of an hour! Whether you like it or not but you’ll need to prepare for System Design Interview questions before kneeling at the altar of the hiring committees of big tech.

At SystemDesignNotes we level the playing field for all interviewees and present curated system design questions with in-depth and comprehensive explanations. You can browse the questions individually or follow our suggested tracks (coming soon) to prepare for your upcoming interviews. Additionally, the site offers rich technical content that will train and teach you in distributed systems, beyond just the interview.